The purpose of the Wright DNA Project is to expand our genealogical research by proving or disproving family lines through DNA analysis.

Our project is open to any male Wright or man believing he is descended from a Wright male. While the majority of our participants come from the USA, we also have several men from Australia, Canada, England and China participating. We're looking for more participants, particularly from the Great Britain, Ireland, and Germany, which are thought to be the likely ancestorial home of many Wright men today.

We also welcome Wright participants worldwide from any country where Wright families may currently reside.


Many of the known Wright lines in North America are believed to have originated in England. Many of these lines are well researched but several lack the final connection back to their English ancestors.

We are now making a serious attempt to find DNA project participants from the north-western European area.

If you are a Wright from the British Isles or would like to participate in the Wright Surname Project please contact us.

Please contact us with any questions:Linda Magellanproject founder
or Zak Jones volunteer project co-administrator
or Jeff Wrighteditor of this website